Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Bachmann Still An Embarassment

China has been making noises about moving away from using the dollar as a reserve currency.

Michelle Bachmann, in typical right-wing nut fashion, immediately interpreted this as a proposal that the U.S. adopt a global currency, and set about bashing secretary Geithner:

In response to suggestions by China, Russia, and other countries around the world calling on the International Monetary Fund to explore a multi-national currency, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-6) has introduced a resolution that would bar the dollar from being replaced by any foreign currency.


Asked today about a currency proposal from China at a Council on Foreign Relations event, Secretary Geithner stated he was open to supporting it. Despite attempts to clarify his remarks later in the day, the unguarded initial response calls into question his true intentions.

She also proposed a constitutional amendment enshrining the dollar as the only valid U.S. currency. Much derision followed.

Remember when greenbacks were a plot by internationalists to steal our gold and bring about one-world government? Now I guess they're our bulwark against those conspiracies.
Tags: minnesota, politics
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