Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Measure Twice, Shop Once

or, "Why I Miss Fry's"
or, "Overnight would have been nearly as fast"

My computer's been running more noisily lately and I think I narrowed it down to the CPU fan. Well, I eyeballed it last night and it looked like an 80mm fan, and Best Buy's web page said they had some (although only with blue LEDs) so I thought I'd pick one up this morning.

I returned from my shopping expedition and prepared to install the new fan over the existing heat sink to discover that, no, my fan was 70mm square.

Well, 70mm fans are a bit harder to come by. Most of the ones I found online come with a new heat sink, and I'd really prefer not to replace the whole thing and muck with the heatsink grease again. Micro Center appears to be the closest location that carries any (and even there I might end up buying a whole new assembly.)

But, I'd have been better off ordering a part online and getting it shipped overnight.

Later: Next I bought a fan that was one size too small. (The box didn't have a size listed, and I couldn't find one that said explicitly 70x70mm. So I ended up with 60mm.) But, thinking ahead, I had also bought a whole new heat sink which I knew would work. I managed not to break my CPU in the process, and it's much quieter now... I can actually hear the hard drives again.
Tags: hardware
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