Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


These guys came by and put an encrypted data block on the Lowballgurus wiki:

Please accept our sincerest apology for any problems that our project may have caused. It was never our intention to maliciously deface sites, but instead were trying to develop a proof-of-concept system in order to warn other researchers that such "attacks" were possible and to energize the community to help develop measures to prevent them. We regret if our project reflects poorly on Brown University or its Computer Science department, and stress that both the University and the Department do not condone our actions.

"Gosh, we never anticipated that people would get upset when we launched our automated spam-bot upon the wild!"

We are trying to determine whether it storing data on multiple third-party sites on the Internet is a viable solution for data persistence in peer-to-peer systems.

Because P2P storage on people who sign up for it isn't sexy enough.
Tags: internet, lowballgurus, networking, rant
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