Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Star Trek

I went to see a 10pm showing of Star Trek tonight. There was a line to get into the theater, but it wasn't packed full. I was happy hanging out with my clan.

The movie was fun and its plot made at least as much sense as any other Star Trek movie you'd care to mention. And yet... this is a movie I just can't see anybody falling in love with. It's more Insurrection than Wrath of Khan. The original Star Trek movies are so dreadfully, painfully earnest in a lot of ways but can still connect. TNG movies tend to just be dreadfully and painfully earnest. This movie was just showy.

That J. J. Abrams does love himself some visual clutter. Wreckage, glare, unstable camera, unusably pulsing computer displays, etc... it reminded me too much of Transformers.

I did appreciate some of the nods to fandom, though. Christopher Pike ending up in a wheelchair. The end music incorporating TNG and Voyager themes. (Maybe DS9, too? I can't recall what it sounds like.) Spock intoning the up-to-date version of the Star Trek introduction. And Starfleet is just as top-heavy with useless admirals as ever.

But, what the heck is up with the little engineering dude hanging out with Scott? What idiot decided to build starships on the ground in Iowa? Why do the Romulans need to dig a hole in a planet's crust in order to throw a black hole down it? (The black hole should create its own hole just fine, thankyouverymuch.) And can't we ever have a Star Trek story in which Starfleet is actually successful at basic tactical engagements, managing to defend Earth without losing an entire battle fleet in the process?
Tags: movies, star trek
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