Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Well, all the plants are settled, finally. I put two of the tomatoes in the same pot on the theory that they both looked half-dead so my expected number of live tomato plants was less than one. However, both have perked right back up and are growing lots of new leaves.

Home Depot didn't have any cocoa shell mulch so the front tree, vegetables, and marigolds are mulched with cedar chips instead. I have been thinking of mulching the herbs and snapdragons on the front walk this year too. But my 4 bags of mulch were just barely sufficient for the part I did tonight.

I ended up with a couple feet of empty space due to only buying 16 snapdragons instead of 20. So I need to figure out something additional to go in that spot.
Tags: garden
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