Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Mount Diablo

Via Andrew Leonard I learned that Mount Diablo State Park is one of the 200 parks scheduled to close in danger of closing due to California budget cuts. This hit me a bit as I had been looking over the Bay from our offices today and thinking about how it'd been a while since I'd been up Mount Diablo. The list also includes Angel Island and Mount Tamalpais. It would be a tragedy to lose any of these parks, but Mount Diablo is particularly tied to me with our time in California. (We lived in Concord for a while and visited it a couple times a year.)

Mount Diablo views and flowers, around open letters by Marissa. (3 pages)

Visiting Mount Diablo with a friend from Minnesota

bonus pictures: Angel Island

ETA: It's not clear why the parks department is talking about closures rather than raising entrance fees, as has been done in the past.
Tags: california, pictures, politics
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