Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Taxes and Other Fun Things

Via complegalstudy, Tax Freedom Day plotted, by state, from 1977 to 2000.

Slate columnist Daniel Gross points out that the bust is hitting rich individuals in low-tax states much harder than rich individuals in high-tax regions. Or at least, proportionally more of them.

dmorr offers a critique of moral libertarianism. It prompts me to wonder whether Iceland can be excepted from the general accusation of "land theft" by governments. No aboriginal peoples, no wars, fairly clean chain of ownership from original Norwegian settlers. (All that and geothermal power too!)

mrissa, timprov, myself, and the in-laws went to see the Smothers Brothers at Symphony Hall, to celebrate mrissa's birthday. It was fun, although the sound wasn't very clean--- maybe it's not a good venue for dialogue? Or just our second-tier seats. They played clips of various musical guests on their TV show, including Pete Seeger. I learned when we got home that this was his first TV appearance after having been blacklisted; he chose to sing "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy", but this was censored by the network and only broadcast at a later date.

Marissa and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in August. We'll be taking a trip to exotic Duluth and staying at a nice lakeside bed and breakfast. Tradition dictates a tin or aluminum gift for 10 years. Odds are that our gifts for each other will consist mainly of paper, as in years past. And that covers "ideas and symbols" too. (Seriously, diamond jewelry as the "modern" option? Forget that.)

Currently reading: Combinatorial Auctions (economics and theoretical computer science meet at last!) and Elizabeth Moon's Vatta series (space opera). I also liked Eureka enough, from what I saw while Marissa and Tim were working through it, to start watching it on my own during bike workouts. But, I fear that bike workouts may cease again as soon as I run out of TV to watch.

Jeff Atwood documents the increasingly... umm... boobular nature of web ads for a particular online game. Odds are that if you read webcomics, you've come across these ads.
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