Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Travel Variance

-: All rental cars in San Jose last week were at the $500/week level, plus there's like 20% tax on top of that.

+: Enterprise gave me a Prius for $5 extra.

+: Budget promises a reimbursement after charging me $544/week on what was supposed to be a $195/week rental (**) without me having to throw a fit.

-: Taking 50-seat CRJ into Salt Lake City and getting thrown around by turbulence.

+: First-class upgrade on SLC-MSP flight. Declined dinner but plenty of room to work on laptop.

+: Free Wi-Fi at both SJC and SLC.

-: Delta's in-seat entertainment system easy to crash, by trying to start a game or use CD playlist. (Seriously, did somebody not test on the real hardware, or what? Completely amateurish.)

+: Greatly amused watching Linux boot up on said in-seat entertainment system. Even included a Tux logo.

+: Good sound quality and selection for on-demand CDs.

-: Landed at MSP, taxied, sat for 50 minutes waiting for gap in thunderstorm so that ground crew could come outside and we could pull into gate.

** The Budget story in bullet form:
(1) Reserve car at $195/week on Budget's web site
(2) Receive confimation email quoting confirmed price of "$0 USD."
(3) Get charges for $544/week at checkin
(4) Send email, wait two weeks
(5) Call, on hold 10 minutes, get case number assigned.
(6) Fax printout of page showing $195 price, and email showing $0 confirmation.
(7) Ignore snotty response to email in step #4 stating "There is little chance that you would get that specific vehicle for that price." Here's a clue: anytime you send me a confirmation email that says you'll charge me $0, something has gone wrong on your end.
(8) Call again, on hold 10 minutes, worker says my requested reimbursement is more than she can approve, promises 24-48 hour callback after supervisor takes a look at it.
(9) Call from customer service agent says they will reimburse.
Tags: california, customer service, linux, travel
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