Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter
markgritter reservations still broken

I posted previously how Budget charged me a different rate than quoted on my July trip--- a mistake they rectified after being shown the evidence. Well, I just booked a car for the first week of September and saw the same behavior from Budget's online reservation system that caused trouble last time. The price I was quoted was exactly the same ($195/week for a Prius, slightly lower for a compact.) This "" price was lower than the price offered to me in the "Rent More, Save More" loyalty program. And, they sent me a confirmation email with a confirmed rate of "0.00 USD".

Cmon, guys, this is your core business. If you can't take reservations on the web, what do you expect to do to stay in business? (Not the only problem--- one of their forms is now broken under Linux Firefox for some reason. Though not as gratuitously as Citibank. *shakes fist*)

Anyway, having learned from experience I have an email in to customer support asking for the real confirmation rate. I have little hope this will get answered in less than the two-week turnaround time it took on my previous email.
Tags: rant, software, travel
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