Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


My keyboard is dying. For no particular reason I could discern, it stopped playing nice with X last week, so I had to change the configuration file I'd been using for a couple years and lost the ability to use the number pad as arrow keys.

Now the "Enter" key is sticking down.

Dangit, I love this keyboard. It's a Logitech NewTouch with a split keyboard and integrated touchpad mouse. Logitech doesn't even make a split keyboard now, and nobodyhardly anybody is doing the integrated mouse. Their "Cordless Desktop Wave" seems to be the closest thing to what I'd want.

My backup keyboard is from Microsoft, but I don't like the feel as much. Unfortunately, I may end up buying another one from Microsoft--- they at least have a couple split models. The curved design seems to be what's in fashion now.

And while I'm not opposed to wireless keyboards, I'd rather not have something else in the house that needs its batteries changed periodically. *grump*
Tags: hardware, keyboard
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