Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Consumer Choice

Out to CA again this week.

Because Best Buy sucks (they had the two keyboards I expected to find--- was impressed with neither), I will go keyboard shopping at Fry's and hope for a better selection.

Also I am renting from Enterprise rather than Budget. Having heard no response in a week on my email asking for an actual confirmed price, I called Budget's reservation line and got quoted $367 for the reservation I had made. Guess what, I can rent for $160 cheaper at a company whose web front end actually works.

Update: ... and I got an email response *Monday afternoon*, arrived after I would have picked up the car. It told me that the reservation had been canceled. Glad to have improved somebody's responses per day metric with that worthless response.

Fortunately, Northwest continues to make it both more convenient and cheaper to fly direct than go through Denver on Frontier. (Or United, who are the devil.)
Tags: travel
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