Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Canterbury Fall Classic

I busted out of today's Omaha/8 tournament about halfway through the field, in level 10. (About 70 players remaining of 180-some, I think?) I made some good decisions along the way--- definitely better than last year--- but a few I'd like to undo:

Jamming wheel with crappy redraw into an opponent with the wheel + 6-high straight, driving the third person out of the pot for good measure.

Playing KKQQs from early position with a short stack. This was the hand that crippled me; I got a decent flop but was the fourth-best high hand at the end (where I did find a fold.)

After that hand I had 24QKds in the big blind. I got to look without committing my last chip, three-handed. The board was 38J with one of both my suits, so I figured this was a reasonable call getting upwards of 13 to 1. (I probably would have had to call a preflop raise on the same theory...)

They started with 8000 chips this year, at 50/100 limits. The tournament switches quickly from meaningless to too-fast, though. We were playing 1500/3000 when I busted out.

1st break, level 3: 8200 chips
2nd break, level 6: 11000
3rd break, level 9: 10500

I overheard somebody complaining to the tournament directors that they'd prefer a $300 tournament instead of $200, because the latter is not big enough to get CardPlayer Player of the Year points.
Tags: fall poker classic, omaha, poker, tournament
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