Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

MinneBar 2009

MinneBar is November 21st--- coming up fast! Unfortunately they have already run out of room and aren't accepting any more free registrations. It's being held at the Best Buy headquarters this year.

I am thinking of participating more actively this year and either giving a presentation or trying to get on a panel. One topic already posted which interests me is "Algorithms and Refutations", trying to apply Imre Lakatos' insights on mathematics to software development.

I think a "Bay Area startups vs. Midwest startups" would be an interesting panel, but I don't really have the contacts to put this together. I'm also considering a presentation/demo of Stasis, a library we're considering using at Tintri--- that would be a more self-contained session.
Tags: geek, minneapolis, minnebar, startup, talk
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