Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

*Who's* got unrealistic expectations, again?

OkCupid has another great entry examining how physical attractiveness affects your chance of getting a response to a message.

Unsurprisingly, people with more highly-rated pictures get better response rates (except in the case where a highly-rated male contacts a low-rated female, or vice versa.) But the really surprising point to me in this entry was the distribution of male and female ratings:

These could not be more different.

Males rated females' pictures on a normal-ish curve. (Incidentally, I didn't find the examples of "most attractive" women all that interesting--- either the two there now, or the previous example in an accidental early version of the post.) This is not to say men don't have unrealistic expectations; when men send messages on OkCupid, it is pretty dramatically skewed to women with high attractiveness ratings. But, this is more or less what you'd expect from an "objective" measure: as many attractive as unattractive, with most women in the middle.

Females, on the other hand, are convinced that fully 80% of men (on the dating site, anyway) are less attractive than average. Wow.

Theories? Men are less interested in personal grooming? Women are more attracted to non-visual stimuli? Women are just more picky? Women's normal curve is centered around 1 star (that is, they would have given plenty of negative stars if available)?

P.S. OkCupid loses points for poor chart design, though. How big is each unit on the horizontal axis supposed to be?
Tags: boobs, gender, measurement, questions, sex, statistics
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