Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Google Wave robots

Tonight I spent some time playing around with the Google Wave Robots API, which lets external applications react to Google Wave events. This also required me to get familiar with the Google Apps service, which I hadn't previously used. Both seem relatively easy to use, and it's very nice to have a free 'server' for trying out cloud applications.

The docs on the Robots Python client library would have been more helpful if they'd said "all the objects you care about live in the model module", and I'm still not entirely sure where I'm supposed to be looking to find out what information gets sent in which event.

I am thinking of writing a Wave-to-LJ bridge; the pieces should be relatively easy to put together. Unfortunately, while looking at the LJ side for the first time in a few years (**), I re-discovered that its XML-RPC API doesn't permit addition of comments. So now I am not at all sure what such a bridge should look like.

A wave plugin that makes me happy: a gadget which renders LaTeX in comments. I've wanted this in email and IM for quite some time. Not that I send a *lot* of equations around, and usually to people who could just parse the LaTeX syntax. (MathML is a sick joke. Better than embedded images, but still sick.)

(**) since my Advogato-to-LJ bridge, come to think of it...
Tags: geek, programming, software
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