Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

17-card Chinese Poker hands

Is there a better way to set either of the following hands?

5c4c3c2cAc / 5h6d8hTdQs / 4h5d7s8c / JhJdKh

The straight flush seems so appealing, but if there's no royalty for it is it worth trying to improve the Badugi and 2-7 hands? (But then it looks difficult to put JJ in front too.)

8h8s8cJdJh / 9d7d4s3c2s / 9s7c6h2d / AcAhQs

Could play #2 for the 2-7 hand by abandoning the 9-high badugi, which isn't that great anyway.

Rules: 5-card high hand, 5-card 2-7 hand, 4-card Badugi hand, 3-card high hand which must be less strong than the back hand. No royalties or naturals. If score matters, figure 4 points for winning 3 (1 point per hand + 2 points for overall winner) and 6 points for a sweep, with no tiebreaker. (What is the typical scoring? This seems to not reward a sweep enough.)
Tags: chinese poker, poker
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