Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Christmas Games

As an addendum to timprov's report on playing my new Battlestar Galactica game:
  • Take Two single round with greykev and mrissa: decisive win by Mark until it was revealed that my entire strategy was based around a mistaken spelling. Consensus was that we should play normal Scrabble so they could challenge my words.
  • Scrabble: I won pretty handily despite not coming up with any bingos when I felt sure that my rack supported one. Kevin and Marissa expressed doubts about "SIB" and "EN", which I didn't press, but I am totally sticking to my guns in the future.
  • Domineering (Crosscram) with Kevin: I came out ahead on our first game, but Kevin solidly trounced me in our second 8x8 game and the tiebreaker 9x9 game for a decisive series win. Mark revealed his inability to do basic math, or distinguish horizontal from vertical. I also forgot that { -2 | 1/2 } = -1 in combinatorial games.
  • 2-player Blockus with Kevin: a win for Mark despite not really coordinating my two colors as well as I'd have liked.
Tags: family, games
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