Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

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Things I didn't do over the New Year's weekend:

* Install replacement hard drives in my computer.
* Finish building my Python implementation of "Hisss"
* Wild New Year's party
* Get dressed before late afternoon
* Read various stuff for work, finish C++ "style guide"/evangelism, run experiment I promised to do, etc.
* Buy a new phone headset.
* Come up with a more permanent solution for mounting the network switch and excess cable in the basement.

Things I *did* do:

* Sniffled and sneezed a lot with occasional coughing (though not as bad as Marissa)
* Finished bag of Pomegranate White Tea Gummy Pandas.
* Unsuccessfully tried to chip ice off the driveway.
* Fetched pizza in subzero weather.
* Avoided sudden icy death while taking garbage and recyling to the curb.
* Played a lot of Puzzle Pirates.

Not, all in all, a stellar set of accomplishments.

On the Puzzle Pirates front, I had played a while back--- but got disgusted that I had to have a subscription in order to use the new sword which I'd bought with in-game currency. I'm not sure why I didn't see their micro-transaction system when I played (in 2008?). To buy items you must use "Doubloons" in addition to the in-game currency. Doubloons also buy badges that let you participate in some of the games. However, Doubloons can be bought with in-game currency (from other players) so cash is not strictly necessary.

I am more likely to give them some real cash this way (I've kicked $6 over to Motion Twin several times) and I don't mind forking over in-game currency at all.

However, I do wonder where the supply of Doubloons is coming from. The cash rate is about $0.20-$0.25 per Doubloon, and they sell in-game for about 2500 PoE (pieces of eight.) This is about a half hour to hour's worth of "easy" play at the main pirating game. But, I could see how people who want to outfit their pirates, ships, and residences could burn through a lot of PoE quickly--- I just don't care enough about that aspect of it. ;) Ships are actually pretty cheap, starting at 10K PoE, but most clothing and weapons will run you a similar amount.

Doubloons also come in fixed amounts, so it may be that the excess over what players actually use gets sold--- i.e., you want 12 but have to buy 20. But there seems more liquidity in the market to just be due to leftovers.
Tags: economics, family, games
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