Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Grad Students Find New Ways to be Paid to Watch Porn

OK, actually it looks like it was a senior project, and thus probably unpaid. One of Ed Felten's students looked at a random sample of files available on trackerless bittorrent (which they are careful to distinguish from a sample of files downloaded via bittorrent.)

Their estimate is that only about 1% of the sample is non-infringing use. About 46% of the sample was movies and TV shows, 14% games and other software, and 14% pornography. Of the last category,
...53% of pornography in our sample was in English, 16% was in Chinese, 15% was in Japanese, 6% was in Russian, 3% was in German, 2% was in French, 2% was unclassifiable, and Italian, Hindi, and Spanish appeared infrequently (1% each).

So many questions for further research here!
Tags: boobs, internet, p2p
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