Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Hold'em Hands That Made Me Feel Dumb

Another bad session at Garden City tonight.

Even my sole win at showdown made me feel dumb: I have 55 in the big blind, button raises, SB calls, I call. Flop is A24, SB checks, I check, and the raiser bets; we both call. Turn is the lovely 3 but I get confused with SB bets out. Does he have another 5? Maybe even 56? (His range is very wide.) Even if I'm ahead of him, do I want to raise or try to get the extra bet out of the button? I call and so does button. The river is another 4 and again I just call; button folds and SB shows something like T4o, so my hand is good but I didn't get a lot of value for it.

Two (or three?) limpers in EP and I have ATo in the BB so I just check. Flop is AKK, I bet and get two callers. I bet the turn, a rag, both call again. OK, how far behind am I? I check the river, a 3, and the last player to act fires. He has K3, the player in the middle has K4, and I think it was dumb to call on the end.

I raise with 88 on the button, big blind calls, flop is 579 which seems pretty good to me, so when he fires out I raise; he 3-bets. Oops. I call the turn (T) and river (9) to get shown 95s.

Hands which were merely annoying:

AJo < KQo twice (I fold to a flop check-raise but would have made my straight on one of the hands.)
AQo < JJ on Q-high board
A9s goes nowhere
99 < AK
77, 33, 44 all see flops but miss
QJo, QTs, T9s on button miss too
Tags: hold'em, poker
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