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Work shifted from Ubuntu 9.10 as our development platform to FC12. I've been limping along with an Ubuntu machine locally and access to FC12 servers at work. But I really did need to upgrade. My personal machine needs an upgrade too. I've been running Mandrake 10.0 for a long time (2004?), and its hard drives need to be replaced.

The original plan:

1. Put new hard drives into personal machine and install fresh OS onto them, then copy hard home directories from old hard drive.

That didn't work, my motherboard only has two SATA connectors. Also Best Buy is useless at selling me either a reasonably priced external enclosure, or any sort of controller card at all.

Revised plan:

Step 1: Back up all home directories to big drive on work machine.

Step 2: Very carefully install FC12 live image not overwriting file system storing backups.

Step 3: Re-create my user account on FC12 and point home directory at the backed-up copy.

Step 4: Verify that everything necessary for work is present on FC12 by running our software.

Step 5: Install new hard drives on personal machine.

Step 6: Install Ubuntu 10.04 on personal machine.

Step 7: Restore home directories from work machine.

Step 8: Reconfigure firewall and home network services.


1a. Wonder why I'm using so much disk space. Belatedly remember and remove experiments performed on multi-GB data sets.

1b. Wonder why NFS to work machine is hanging. Reconfigure crufty old Linux NFS client to use TCP instead.

2a. Disk partitioning tool is fine, and I managed not to format my backup drive. It won't let me pick ext3 for root partition, insists on ext4. OK.

3a. Only mildly painful. root can't get an X login, but can get text virtual terminal. Gnome settings in Ubuntu-derived home directory do not blow up too badly.

4a. Why is SELinux preventing vpnc from overwriting /etc/resolv.conf? What is the other access that it's already complained about 222 times since boot? Turn off SELinux rather than attempt to understand configuration files.

4b. Attempt to follow internal documentation for setting up build tools. Regret not being able to run kickstart remotely.

4c. Helpfully provided installation script finishes. Build immediately fails. Much puzzlement.

4d. Re-run installation script. It's missing some dependencies but it's not fail-stop. Install bison and flex. Where is yacc? Package now helpfully labelled byacc. Very much miss Ubuntu feature that suggests package to install; FC12 version pops up something in the toolbar that churns for a while but doesn't seem to actually make a suggestion.

4e. Build progresses further. But now the wrong version of a library is being used. Fortunately I ran into this exact problem earlier in the weekend and recognize the symptoms.

Time for bed. Very discouraged that update I actually *want* to do is now delayed until next weekend, probably.
Tags: geek, linux
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