Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Things I Have Learned Tonight, Which I Rather Would Not Have

1. My motherboard SATA controller does not work with newer SATA drives. (150Mbps SATA vs. 300Mbps SATA, evidently.)

2. Seagate SATA drives can be configured to work at the lower speed.

3. SATA drives (at least Seagate's) have a jumper for this configuration, which is slightly smaller than the IDE jumpers I had sitting around.

4. The old jumpers can be made to work anyway.

5. Ubuntu's desktop install CD does not provide support for creating a RAID array during installation.

6. Ubuntu's live session does not include NFS mounting support.

7. But, the live session does include IP masquerading, so I can download the correct ISO image from another computer without swapping hard drives again, and try again in an hour.
Tags: computers, hardware, linux
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