Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Manual Labor

Gardening season started today for me. While my father-in-law helpfully took a chainsaw to most of our bushes, I harvested a bumper crop of dandelions which had claimed the front planter (and eventually pulled in my mother-in-law to help.)

That area now has two tomatillo plants, two cucumber plants, and four tomatoes (Yellow Pear, Sweet 100, Currant Red, and one other I can't recall.) The last may not survive interaction with the Sunday newspaper, although it did perk up after being watered so I decided to give it a chance. All these were provided by porphyrin, who graciously gave me plants she'd grown from seed.

I also put in one Phlox in the space vacated by the guest-eating bush, which is my third attempt to find a spot they will thrive. (Fourth if you count the ones left behind by a previous owner.) All the Phlox from last year survived, but they were chewed by bunnies and did not flower. Ista tried to warn me that there was a bunny nest in the front planter (which I discovered today), but I didn't understand her--- the good news there is that our local rabbits have finally gotten smart enough not to put nests in the fenced area. I still have some places in the front planter for marigolds.

The walkway planter needs some thought. I have more tomato varieties which need space (Ponderosa Pink and a San Marzano--- or is it a Borghese? plus a few more). The oregano came back with a vengance, so I will actually pull some of that out; the cilantro and dill reseeded as well. And, Stella has offered some pepper plants when they are big enough. So probably I will convert one of the unused areas by the (ex-)bushes for tomatoes, and put peppers and the usual snapdragons along the walkway. The area bordered by the new Phlox could also be used for some annuals--- I have three or four more to put in there, but they won't occupy the full spot for now.
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