Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Planting done (almost)

All the annuals are in the ground. Stella brought a couple eggplants, some peppers, and another Sweet 100. I also bought a basil plant (although they were out of large-leaf basil) and a creeping rosemary. There was a space for everything, and I retained a couple patches of the self-seeded dill and cilantro. I have no idea how much space the eggplants will need, though. And the tomatoes and peppers along the front walk will probably get a bit crowded, and almost certainly need some more cages.

Pretty much everything seems happy; there are flowers on a cucumber vine, both tomatillo plants, and several of the tomatoes. The tomatoes plants have all increased dramatically in size, even the one that had been beaten with a Sunday newspaper. The peppers had gotten a little dry but seem to have perked right back up--- even the one who might be suffering a little bit of transplant shock after I broke its biodegradable planter and scattered dirt and seedlings everywhere.

However... I have not been able to get the roots of our old shrubs out of the ground. Despite patiently digging around and sawing bits off of the first victim, I could not tell what was still keeping it in the ground after a bit more than two hours of effort. So we are trying to get some expert assistance (or at least assistance with a chainsaw.) The replacement bushes are: a flamingo willow, two lilacs (Dwarf Korean and Wonderblue), and a new self-pollinating blueberry bush.
Tags: garden
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