Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

How annoying

Somebody is trying a bunch of different logins on my SSH server. About a 1000 different usernames so far, ranging from

abuse academy accounts addicted adm2 admin admindir adminftp adminguest admininfo adminmail adminmysql adminphp adminserv adminserver admintest adminuser adminwww admissions advertise


wedding weddings wiki wolfgang workshop worksite wwwadmin wwwftp wwwguest wwwinfo wwwmail wwwmysql wwwphp wwwserv wwwserver wwwtest wwwuser xbox xbox360 yhteisoon you youremail yourname zajednica zdjec zdjecia zdjecie zeppelin zope zope2 zopeuser2

The attacks come from a bunch of different hosts too.

... and it looks like it's been going on since mid-May at least, but I only noticed it today.
Tags: computers, internet
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