Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

The Airport's Really Empty at 2am

At what time do they bring out the mats for people sleeping at the airport to use? I don't think I've seen them at 11pm flights, but when my flight finally arrived at 2am they were in use.

The explanation the pilot gave for our delayed departure was that weather conditions in SFO required instrument landing, but one of the runway's instruments were non-functional. So our plane was stuck in ATC hold at LAX and didn't arrive until two hours after we were supposed to leave.

On the plus side, I did get upgraded to first class. There appeared to be only about 6 or 7 names on the upgrade list, so even with my cheapo tickets I managed to reach the head of the queue.

I watched "Alice in Wonderland" on the seatback entertainment system, and was pissed off the entire time that they referred to the monster as the Jabberwocky. (Read past the title of the damn poem! There is no final 'y'!) Actually there were lots of things in the movie that annoyed me. Like why we were supposed to side with the prissy White Queen. Why wasn't anybody agitating for a republic?

The in-flight magazine and SeatGuru both claim that the 737-800's have seatback 110V power, but I was not able to locate it.
Tags: movies, travel
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