Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

I get to stay in MN for three whole weeks

Back from another trip in CA. So far I've spent three of July's Fridays traveling, and one going to the zoo. Good thing there are five this month. ;)

Five things make a post:

1. I attended one of Tintri's board meetings. It was dull, as expected, since I'd heard everything before and the board members didn't have any new concerns. Noticed during the meeting that my shoes were literally falling apart. So I made an unexpected trip to Macy's.

2. The flight home was so full they had to re-open the door and throw one of the passengers off. It didn't seem fair that the victim was *not* the last-minute guy, but a previously-boarded passenger.

3. I'd gone to Sumika in Los Altos for lunch a few times with people from Tintri, but not for dinner until this trip. We had a good time sampling the various skewers, but it was a very meat-heavy dinner even with veggie skewers. The okra came out *really* good, which I was surprised at, and the Shiitake mushrooms were good too. They have a house-made miso mozzarella that was also interesting and tasty.

Other food experiences were not so good. Faultline Brewing Company's beer was fine but the dish I got was pretty flavorless. (If I go back I'll get the bar menu instead. Most likely I'll just stick with Gordon Biersch, who are both cheaper and better.) Kan Zeman (downtown Palo Alto) is more promising but my lamb shank was salty and gristly.

4. I bought one of Delta's snack boxes on the flight home. Why do they feel the need to mess with perfectly good cashews by sweetening them and/or combining them with something less good? This is the second airline snack I've eaten that's ruined cashews.

5. Pratik brought in apples from his apple tree. They were small, green, and crispy--- but not very sweet. He says that his kids planted a mango pit, and now he has a mango tree growing in his yard too.
Tags: food, travel, work
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