Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Have I mentioned how much I hate working with gdb?

gdb 7 is actually very nice. It's got python integration, and it displays STL container contents in a mostly(*) usable form.

But, its "find" command is utterly broken. It reports addresses happily. They just don't have the data you're searching for! bug report here. I mean, how hard is it to screw up searching for a substring(**)?

At Kealia we got sick enough of gdb screwing up C++ stuff that we hired a consultant(***) to fix the most problematic bugs.

(*) Except that if you want to refer to the 17th element of a vector, you can't just do foo[17] unless the program is running. And the pretty-printing has obscured the internals of the vector implementation you need to know(****) in order to access that 17th element programatically instead of counting it out on the screen.

(**) Fairly easy, I guess, when you are searching through a core file, whose layout on disk only loosely resembles its layout in the virtual address space you're searching. But c'mon.

(***) Who we then hired to work on product code, which meant that gdb work started suffering again.

(****) foo._M_impl._M_start[17], which I can never get right on the first try because I keep wanting to put underscores at the end of member variables, as is our coding convention.
Tags: geek, programming, rant, software
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