Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Awesome Web Skillz

The Poker Wiki ( used to be a not-unreasonable place to go, in order to find information about poker cardrooms in a given area, and other stuff not really Wikipedia-approved.

When I recently visited it, however, nearly every page appears to be blank. Who deleted it?

A little investigation reveals some drama in the talk pages. It appears that some clown got permission from Wikia to rename it "ThePlayr Poker Wiki" and started spamming up the place, much to the surprise of the original administrators. Then in February he and Wikia "sign[ed] a contract whereby all the content from this Wiki will be moved to". is, of course, nonfunctional.

So... can anybody suggest a good guide to brick and mortar cardrooms?
Tags: poker, rant, web
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