Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

How long do domain names need to be?

According to one request, long enough to "allow the Hare कrishna Mahamantra... to be fully put on an internet domain name."

I'm not sure why harekrishnaharekrishnakrishnakrishnahareharehareramahareramaramaramaharehare is more spiritually satisfying than hare.krishna.hare.krishna.krishna.krishna.hare.hare.hare.rama.hare.rama.rama.rama.hare.hare, since the latter should be achievable. If one does take the attitude that this is a reasonable engineering requirement, where is the stopping point? Should we allow enough characters to contain the entire Pater Noster? (The limit of 63 characters per label (and 255 overall) is not entirely arbitrary.)
Tags: dns, humor
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