Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


WTF moments I experienced in-film:

* Computer programs look like people, OK. Spontaneously generated artificial life forms, OK. But why do the spontaneously generated artificial life forms look like people?

* Grid inhabitants can wear cloaks and maybe even extra armor. So why isn't the Memory Disk That Must Not Be Stolen buried below a couple levels of clothing? This was just one of several moments of Plot Stupid, although it's not like the original was free of that.

WTF moment that only occurred on the way out of the theater:

* The Grid runs on a computer system, right? A computer system in the same arcade that's been powered down for ~20 years??? Or, even if it had its own independent circuit, we're supposed to believe that the computer system has been running, uninterrupted, since that point--- no software or hardware failures?
Tags: movies
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