Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Chef Changes, Churros, and Clarinets

mrissa and I went out tonight to Solera, and to the orchestra.

Solera has a new chef, and we were less than pleased with the results. (Solera hasn't updated their web site with the new menu.) The number of tapas plates has been reduced down to a dozen or so, most of which were uninspiring, so we tried a couple of the new entrees. We started with the croquettes of the day, which were ham and gruyere, but had been fried so long that they were somewhat burnt on the outside, which dominated the taste. The date salad then arrived with three over-fried things nearly identical in appearance to the appetizer, which turned out to be the promised dates (which had been stuffed); I didn't count this as a success. My pork belly was better (the charred outside seemed deliberate this time) but tasted just like BBQ. Marissa's chicken was underseasoned, she felt--- the chef seemed to be relying upon the accompanying fruit for flavor. Marissa's churros fell apart, while the Salty Caramel Napoleon I ordered was mostly tasteless (except for the fresh apple garnish on top.)

The orchestra was fun, although Marissa didn't like the Aho composition which had its U.S. premiere as much as previous Aho we have attended. It was a clarinet concerto, which involved many parts of the orchestra trying to sound like clarinets, and an entire last movement of the clarinet doing things a clarinet probably isn't supposed to do. I thought there were a lot of interesting things going on, but I agree it probably won't become a favorite. There was also a Brahms symphony, and Prokofiev's "The Love for Three Oranges", which was amusing enough that I'm considering adding a DVD of the full opera to my wish list...
Tags: food, music

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