Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Project Skyway

Minnesota's "first tech accelerator" has a FAQ up. They are interested in providing mentoring and connections to seed-stage startups, particularly mobile and SaaS. For this they want 6-9% of the company (in common stock); they also throw in $6K per founder which they characterize (accurately) as "living expenses."

Not sure what the typical Y Combinator deal is--- certainly the same order of magnitude (~$20K for 2-10% of the company, according to their web site?) dmorr was just talking about convertible notes, so I was somewhat amused to see this all-equity early stage deal.

There is certainly a lot of benefit to making connections through an incubator"accelerator". But, $200K valuation (for a 2-person company) is not all that much. Many entrepreneurs--- particularly those who already have a career and some savings--- could probably do more of the bootstrapping on their own, before finding an angel or VC for a better valuation. And a good angel will be doing some mentoring and connection-making too.
Tags: minnesota, startup
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