Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


My PokerStars bankroll made it back my bank account, where it is currently not generating any fun whatsoever. I already put some money towards the Trebuchette at Kickstarter, so I looked for more projects that looked fun, without much success.

B-Squares: Modular Solar Powered Electrics seems like a really cool project. Each square module has magnets to connect to other modules, which also serve as the power conductors. They have solar power, battery, LED, and an Arduino module. But--- the price seems very steep for something that simply doesn't do all that much. It's about $20/module for 5 and $17/module for 15. The fun value of high-tech legos seems sharply limited at that price point. (Plus, do they short out when visiting godkids stick them to the fridge?) I could just buy more Wedgits. ;)

Along that theme, Blocklets are laser-cut wood pieces that stick together. Neat but not compelling.

Self-published fiction projects: ranging from boring to ghastly

Video games: Meh. I have no particular attachment to indie games, and I can buy cheap games from Steam if I don't have enough.

Maybe I should just get the game machine resurrected. I liked the Shuttle while it was working, but I'm not loving the incompatible form factor.
Tags: toys
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