Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Minnebar 2011 Picks

As usual, the ones I am most interested are scheduled together, leaving gaps where there is no talk I'm really interested in.

9:40 Open Source Hardware with Mirah: A Pragmatic Replacement for Java as a backup. Could I be in three places at once, Do Not Track: Remarketers, Tracking Bugs, and Online Privacy would be a good choice too.

10:40 Building a Filesystem from Scratch

11:40 Wikis with Structured Data seems the best bet. Fundraising from Minnesota seems like it could devolve into the obligatory where-is-the-venture-capital fest but is probably my backup plan.

1:40 JVM Bytecode for Dummies.

2:40 I dunno, maybe Paul DeBettignies on Managing Your IT Career but I might just pick one at random, no clear favorite.

3:40 Get More From Your Data, backup option Growing Pains: Life of a Tech Startup. Creating an Early-Stage Fund would be more interesting if it was somebody who'd actually done it rather than a "group discussion".

4:40 The Hardware Startup: From Napkin To Retail Shelf by Matt Bauer of PedalBrain. Malvertising, Black-hat SEO, Phishing is a strong contender too.
Tags: geek, minnebar, startup, talk
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