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To celebrate greykev's birthday he hosted potluck and games. (Happy birthday, again!) Kevin and I are are both Rabbits, celebrating our 36th birthdays this year.

I played "Hoity Toity" which was quite fun, and I managed a convincing victory. (My strategy for keeping my run together against constant thievery did not really pay out, though, as I only managed a five-card run on the final round, which was next to last. But I was more than 8 points ahead of the next player anyway.) The simultaneous-play mechanic keeps the game moving along, which is actually less than ideal for a party game where people tend to want to wander a bit.

The Order of the Stick game was also fun, but the play time is far longer than we were really prepared to commit to. There is a fair amount of complexity, but I didn't think that the learning curve was too steep. It does, however, seem like the character's difficulty curve is quite high--- going deeper does not create tougher monsters, just more of them (which you only face one at a time, although some monsters give bonuses to others.) Probably has some replay value even after you stop laughing at the humor, because the balance of cooperation and competition seems tricky. The rule book really is quite long, though, and an index would be helpful. The quick start guide is eight pages, although in comic form rather than straight text.

I see that the expansion, called "The Shortening", actually includes rules to reduce play time. Due out in June.

Marissa played Magic: the Gathering for the first time in a decade (?).
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