Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tintri appliances in the wild

People who installed Tintri systems in their labs are starting to blog about it: Building Out Ahead's Data Center Lab Series - Part 7 - Tintri by Alex Mattson, and First Impressions on the Tintri VM aware storage appliance by Brian Suhr, both of Ahead.

We are also taking our show on the road to several VMUGs. The Central Ohio VMUG was today, and we'll have somebody presenting at the Connecticut VMUG User Conference Thursday.

(I'll be attending the Minneapolis VMUG but Tintri won't have an official presence.)

Tintri has another webinar scheduled for May 25th, on "Advances in VM Performance Troubleshooting with VM-aware Storage".
Tags: blog, startup, work
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