Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Hoard: basically unplayable

I really want to like "Hoard": it's a cute little game about flying around as a dragon, roasting everything in sight, abducting princesses, and building your pile of treasure.

But it uses the mouse to target where you're directing your fire, and the implementation is completely botched. And it's gotten worse in the current upgrade, to the point where I basically can't play the game. There is a helpful little crosshairs, which is restricted to within an inch or so of your dragon. But to move it from one side to the other I need to skid my mouse all the way across the mouse pad two or three times. And certain directions just don't seem to work at all.

Other games with use-the-mouse-to-point work fine, because they usually allow the mouse cursor to behave normally and occupy the full screen. The normal feedback mechanism of moving the mouse and seeing where the cursor goes works OK, and it's understood that what the mouse is pointing at might be out of range. But the developers of Hoard, for whatever reason, did not feel like this was a workable solution. (There are numerous complaints on the game's message board. Many people seem to be playing with a game controller, where the analog joystick directs the fire instead.)
Tags: games, rant, review
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