Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Gold > Platinum

jpmassar points out that gold is worth more than platinum today.

The article wins for the most indirect possible way of indicating that the rising price of gold may not be driven by rational reasons: "Despite being a precious metal, most demand for platinum comes from industrial uses, mainly as a key element in auto catalytic converters." But what about the greater cultural significance?

Will Dungeons and Dragons players harass their GMs about platinum to gold ratios? (Does 4th Edition even have platinum pieces?) I mean, why stop at being anachronistic in use of a metal not refined until the 18th century, a fixed conversion rate, and universal coinage? Let's add a fourth one by using modern values as well! (And what about patching Elite?)

Will I finally get upgrade priority over all those Platinum Medallion flyers on Delta? (Diamond is still safe, I guess.) As jpmassar asks, will we have to be issued new credit cards?

Will Monster Cable start offering platinum-plated connectors, with pseudo-technical rationales for why they've actually been better than gold all along?

Are storage architects busily renaming their tiers even as we speak?
Tags: humor
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