Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

So far in Vancouver:

Wandered Granville Island, bought lots of stuff. Cod fish + chips, clam chowder, and calamari for lunch at a local joint, with Granville Island Lager from the brewery next door. Less impressed with "Whet" for dinner: I had fancy Macaroni + cheese. That evening we went to see Richard III at Bard on the Beach, which was fun.

Today we headed out to UBC and went to the Museum of Anthropology. We had a good time, and really enjoyed the special exhibit on Inuit printers learning from Japanese techniques. But there were no postcards from that exhibit, other than the Famous Bird Who Is Famous. The exhibit on the First Nations carvings was good too. (There are people who really know how to size a serving ladle.) The "Multiversity Galleries" was somewhat overwhelming--- without sufficient context, one mask (or especially basket) looks much like the next. What I found a bit puzzling was the focus on art, with very few tools. But maybe art objects survive and tools get used until broken.

We had planned to visit the Japanese Garden to relax for a bit, but they told us that everybody was going to be forced to leave a few minutes after we got there. What we saw of it was nice. So we continued down the road (past the nude beach) to the botanical garden. I really thought the Physic garden was neat, and we had a good time tramping through the native species area.

Tomorrow's plan: Stanley Park, poutine, and dim sum.
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