Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Marissa was a bit nonplussed when we just got on the Skytrain without additional steps after purchasing our all-day ticket. "Well," said I, "they rely upon spot-checks like all civilized city transit systems." "Not at all," said Marissa, "I did not enjoy my experience of being spot-checked by the petty authoritarians of the Paris Metro."

Which style do you prefer?

I prefer being hassled at random times by fare inspectors and forced to pay penalty fares if I'm not quick enough to produce a ticket.
I prefer queuing up to enter and exit the station, dealing with balky equipment, and using hard-to-understand fare structures.
I think public transit is the Devil and all right-thinking people have private means of transportation.
My city uses something even worse than the above options.

(FWIW, Vancouver buses *do* require that the transfer ticket or day pass be checked, and that you keep it with you... which seems the worst of both worlds.)
Tags: trains
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