Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Marissa and I took in the surrealists at the Vancouver Art Gallery. There were some fun pieces (including Magritte) but overall I was not all that impressed with what the surrealists managed to dredge up from their subconscious. None of *my* dreams involve pasting eyes on things. And a lot of the art was actually less striking or emotional than previous generations of representational art.

But, it's interesting that Surrealism has really been adopted as the visual language of dreams and the subconscious--- particularly in cartoons and comics. Strange landscapes, shifting forms. But while I find that my dreams are fluid, they aren't like that at all. They usually occur in normal-looking locations, but it is behavior which is odd.

We had an excellent dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, Nuba, and good hot chocolate at Mink. I picked Urban Sushi for lunch because it was (A) open on Sunday, and (B) not as negatively reviewed as most other downtown Sushi restaurants. It was OK but not great. (terrencechan had suggested Vij's, but it's not open for lunch and would have required waiting in line on our last evening here, with a very early flight tomorrow.)
Tags: art, travel
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