Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

More Fall Poker Classic Results

Last Wednesday's Hold'em + Omaha/8 mix event went about as poorly as my first event. Out early, just one big hand.

L1: 50/100 (Omaha), 8K starting
L2: 100/200 (Hold'em), 8575
L3: 150/300, 9725
L4: 200/400, 9050
L5: 300/600, 7850
L6: 400/800, 12100 (23KK flopped a set and got paid off two ways.)
L7: 600/1200, 8300 (My AJs < big stack AKs in my only real tangle with the table's most aggressive player)
L8: 800/1600, 6500 (Flush in Omaha busted)
Out during level 8; all-in three ways with my AQ vs. Ace-rag and QT. QT rivers two pair for the win.

This event had a really small turnout, only 81 players. I was out about 49th. There was much complaining that the tournament should have been played 10 hands / 10 hands instead of switching by levels. I much prefer switching at the level boundaries, but then having Omaha levels last a bit longer.

Tonight (Sunday) I was back for the 6:30 $100+20 Omaha event. I felt like I finally brought my "A" game but this only resulted in me babysitting a short stack for the entire tournament. The evening tournaments have 20 minute levels compared with 30 minutes in the noon events, so generally we didn't manage to get an entire round in during any single level.

L1: 50/100: 8K starting
L2: 100/100: 7900 chips

Super-annoying hand: I have (A2)(34) in a four-way pot, flop is 3Q5 giving me a nice wrap and the nut flush draw, and I get three bets in . Turn 3, river 5 and I lose to somebody with Q3.

L3: 200/400, 6800
L4: 400/800, 5700
L5: 600/1200, 5100
L6: 800/1600, 6500
L7: 1000/2000, 3600: I raise UTG with (AQ)24 and get only big blind, but fail to make a low; river pairs 3's and I fold to a bet--- he shows a 3.
L8: 1500/3000, 6900: A3JK all-in > A8TT
L9: 2K/4K, 4500
L10: 3K/6K, 4000
L11: 4K/8K, 9000
L12: 6K/12K, 20K chips
I bubbled; out in about 25th place of 160 entrants, 20 places pay.

All-ins in last few levels: triple up w/ A25J on nerve-wracking AKKQx board (put me at about 13500, first time I had more than starting chips since level 1.)
(AQ)39 survived A24 flop with Q turn 2 river, amazingly two pair is good

Bustout hand: I paid both blinds, so down to 11K. Player to my left busts out so now I have the button and only single blind. My (AQ)48 loses to his raggedy hand when he makes a flush and his 36 makes a better low (A on board.)

One more shot this Wednesday playing Stud.

I briefly moved to Adam Stemple's table (where he recognized the copy of "Iorich" I was lugging around); he got scooped by the chip leader and busted out before me.
Tags: fall poker classic, omaha, tournament
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