Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Unexpected Risks When Purchasing a Failed Poker Site

10. Opposite party is distracted by conducting multiple negotiations at once and frequently times out.

9. Lawyer forgets whether current round of talks is played high only or split-pot.

8. After a mere half hour of negotiations, online poker pro goes on tilt and challenges you to HU4ROLLS.

7. Operations manager openly mocks you for not being manly enough to rig American football matches.

6. Sales contract includes unexpected extra page dealt from bottom of deck.

5. Use of vulgar language earns you a half-hour timeout during which your earnest money is blinded off.

4. Angle-shooter disconnects from board meeting in the hopes of seeing a cheap showdown.

3. After agreeing to resolve disputed terms in a mixed-game elimination match, you can't recall whether aces are high or low in Badeucey.

2. Back-door built into your briefcase reveals contents to company insiders.

1. Not enough fugitive board members show up to constitute a quorum.
Tags: humor, poker
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