Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Reading the News

More detail on Google+ than here on all of these...

NY Times article on Arista with some wandering comments about how networks need to be more robust and self-healing. But also about how Cisco is now using third-party chips like Arista did from the beginning? The column seems in search of a topic. (G+)

Lauren Weinstein points out that the .xxx registry is extorting money from schools and other institutions who don't want the .xxx version of their domain name to be taken by another party. Completely predictable, and nearly pure rent-seeking: the purchasers are not getting any value from owning this domain name. (Is rent-seeking the right term? Extortion certainly fits.)

Local startup BookBottles got a mention in an article about teaching engineers about networking and leadership, at UMN.
Tags: dns, networking, news, rant, startup
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