Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Year's End

In 2011, Tintri approximately doubled in size and launched our first two products. I can't discuss revenue numbers but so far our growth is very good, and I'm still engaged in a lot of interesting work. This year we will see if we can keep on a growth curve that matches successful startups like Data Domain--- which still puts us a few years from an exit of any kind. I attended a VMware Forum event, a couple VMUG meetings, and a customer visit. One of the blog entries I wrote for Tintri was in the top three for popularity. I will probably do more public-facing stuff in 2012, in addition to my continuing architectural role. I have some ideas I'd really like to do for additional Tintri blog entries or white papers, but they require some up-front work I don't have time for.

Also in 2011 I was diagnosed with asthma and sleep apnea, both of which I'm being treated for. I started allergy shots; we'll evaluate in the spring how well that is working, but at the moment I'm still working up to the maximum dosage.

Travel: 12 work weeks in CA, short work trip to Madison. Vancouver trip with Marissa for our anniversary. Also went with Marissa to Omaha (baptism), Wisconsin (post-Christmas week with my family), and New York (Clearwater music festival.) I made a short trip to Florida for my cousin's wedding too.

Poker playing continues to lag, but I did attend a lot of the local tournaments during Canterbury's Fall Poker Classic. I wish I had more success, but it was fun. 2012 will probably not change much in that area--- probably no WSOP or BARGE trip this year, and long days working at the office means not much time for poker in the evenings in California. Locally, the games I was most interested in playing at Canterbury seem to be dying, and MN is probably not one of the states that will be legalizing online gambling.

I continue to read a lot, but I've not really been doing as well keeping up on "textbook" work as I'd like--- both my (new) category theory book and my programming language theory re-read are languishing. I'm not sure who to call out among my 2011 reads--- David Liss is a new favorite, although he's not batting 1000. I have read quite a bit of Mike Carey this year (both graphic novel and the Felix Castor books.) Lisa Jardine's books have been fun; there has been a fair amount of other history and a lot of fiction re-reads: Brust, Bujold, and Pratchett. I also finally got around to Jo Walton, whose books were great.

Non-work projects I'd like to revive in 2012:
* Organize huge stack of 2011 health + financial paperwork.
* Automatic visualization of JSON (or XML) data sets and documents.
* Stochastic methods for game-theoretic solutions to poker problems. Maybe add in some Bayesian reasoning? ;) Implement my cool binning approach to 17-card Chinese Poker.
* Finish blog series on systems programming languages.
* Continue category theory book; blog about more category theory exercises.
* Office furnishings. I would like a couch. Dependent upon office cleanup.
* New game computer, budget permitting. (I have the money--- I just don't like spending it without an excuse. Additional uncertainty caused by really liking the Shuttle form factor but not so pleased with the lifetime on the last one.)
* Deep Space Nine viewing with Marissa. We are a few episodes into season 2.
* MinneBar presentation/discussion; unfortunately I don't have a clue yet what to talk about this year.
Tags: goals
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