Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Birthday Dinner

Marissa and I went up to the city for my birthday (observed) tonight. I had requested a trip to Prohibition, the lounge at the top of the Foshay Tower. This proved to be something of a disappointment. I had expected that it might be crowded (and, in fact, half of the floor was reserved for a private party.) What I hadn't expected is that little of the furniture was arranged to make use of the view--- and the views were mainly obstructed by the concrete railing/decoration/thingies around the building perimeter anyway. My blackberry mojito was decent (if expensive) but I don't have any desire to return.

We said that we might go back to visit the 30th-floor museum.

For dinner we went to Zelo which was a much better experience. It's got fairly standard Italian offerings, but a very interesting selection of salads. Marissa had the heirloom grain salad (for an additional dose of barley!) and I had the Brasiliana, which had palm hearts and a very nice lemon vinagrette. Her risotto was well made, as was my chicken "under a brick." It's definitely an option for when we're downtown but probably won't become a favorite. The chocolate budino and blueberry cobbler were tasty.
Tags: birthday, family, food
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