Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Minnedemo thoughts

I only caught the second half of Minnedemo on video.

Canopy 'Sensus': The Sensus is a touch-sensitive iPhone case. The idea is to provide inputs on other surfaces than the viewscreen, so you could swipe the back of the phone (or tap the sides) without obscuring the display. Don't get it, but I'm not an iPhone user so they're not selling to me. :)

Workface: Provide a way for customers or partners to pick the appropriate person in your organization to chat with, online. I like this idea, but I wonder how well it scales. When there are tens of support specialists, how does the customer pick one? When there are hundreds of customers, how does the architecture or product management team manage their time? (Not to mention trolls.) I have a hard time seeing how Tintri might use this, although we would seem to be squarely in what they're aiming for.

Honeydew: An Android app for managing home projects, with Agile influence. Tasks are rated on cost and time, with a budget for each. Cute but bordering on sexist in his presentation.

VaporWire: Activity logging without manual data entry. "Sweat Equity" rewards is a cute packaging, but I think this is overselling integration with pretty standard Bluetooth activity monitors.

StickyAlbums: This one has completely left my mind.

I'm sorry I missed seeing BrewToad, which is a homebrew recipe sharing site. I would also like to see the RapidEngines demo.

I think the lineup demonstrates the strength of the local environment in the mobile space, and I got a generally positive impression. I like that Minnedemo can showcase both well-funded startups and personal projects.
Tags: minnedemo, minnesota, startup
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