Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Marissa, Tim, and I went to see the latest Batman movie, and a had a good time with it.

However, I wish Hollywood would realize that nuclear devices aren't like conventional explosives. If you bash them with a hammer, they pretty much stop working. (OK, you might get a fizzle that kills everybody on the block and raises nearby cancer rates. Still not the losing condition of letting it go off.) So all the rolling around of the MacGuffin and whatnot: pretty pointless.

Also, if you want your suicide bomb to go off: stop the truck, go into the back where it's stored, and detonate it by hand. This is by no means a complete catalog of eye-rolling moments.

But I really liked circling back to Qui-Gon JinnRa's El Ghul, even though I thought the depiction of mob rule was underplayed. If the League of Shadows judges Gotham to be decadent and worthy of destruction, shouldn't that corruption be worth more than a couple party scenes and a walk on the frozen ice? Or if we're to believe Gotham is worth saving, how about some time with civilians (rich *or* poor) reacting to their situation?
Tags: movies
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