Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

7/Stud tournament

I played the $200+30 Stud tournament at Canterbury this evening. I left about halfway through the field, in line with last year's performance. I did pretty well early but, as usual, struggled to make a hand in the middle levels.

Starting chips: 8000
1st level: 5/10/25/50: 7980 (ante, bringin, small, big: half hour each level)
2nd level: 10/15/50/100: 8530
3rd level: 15/25/100/200: 8745
4th level: 25/50/150/300: 8470
5th level: 25/25/200/400: 7075
6th level: 50/100/300/600: 3825
7th level: 75/100/400/800: 5800
8th level: 100/200/600/1200: 4300
9th level: 200/200/800/1600: out

I went against an all-in with kings twice. One it was a family pot, I made (K4)K4 on 4th and we cleared everybody else out on 5th with him holding (76)6x7. He hit a 6 on 6th street. Then the same guy was all-in again with a small pair vs. my split kings, and made trips on the river. So that hurt. I also lost with fours full vs. sevens full.

My all-in with (5Q)5 managed to spike a third 5th on 4th street and hold up against a single player.

During the 8th level I found (7A)7 and raised, got just the bring-in. He's a very aggressive player. I fired 4th and 5th with both of us picking up bricks, but checked 6th. I made tens-up on the river and called a bet from his (66)2xxx(6). I wonder if betting 6th is better here, but I don't think he folds often enough. Maybe I can find a fold on the river against half the table, but not a smart player who would bet his buried pair or small two pair.

My final hand was not really what I wanted, in sort of an unusual situation. I had about 2400, and (KJ)2 as the bringin, with the KJ suited. There are five limpers, which is unusual for the table. Three aces are showing but only one of my J's is otherwise dead. On 4th street I catch a K suited with my 2. One of the aces is showing Ac5c but everybody else's board is pretty raggedy. When A7 bets on my right, there is now 1600+1200+600=3400 in the pot and I have just 2000 left. Do I:

(1) raise 1200 to thin the field?
(2) fold, KK isn't strong enough to continue?
(3) call 600, and re-evaluate on 5th street

I picked raise, which did get us down to three players but the Ac5c made his flush on fifth street.

Back at it tomorrow at noon for the Omaha/8 tournament.
Tags: fall poker classic, poker, stud, tournament
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